Senin, 15 Desember 2008

Microsoft Office 2007 Genuine Crack

1-Go to
2-Click "Validate Office" on the right side.
3-If it requests, install the ActiveX control.
4-It should report back that the license key you used for Office is invalid and you didn't pass activation.
5-Close Internet Explorer (important)
6-Run install.bat in this directory. If it says "1 File(s) Copied",if not("0 File(s) Copied"), reboot and run install.bat again.
7-If you are really having trouble, you can go into the Windows\System32 directory, rename OGACheckControl.dll to OGACheckControl.OLD, and copy OGACheckControl.dll from this directory to the system32 directory.
8-Re-open Internet Explorer and go back to
9-Once again, click on "Validate Office" and this time you will be good to go.
10-This crack will also work to download templates from within office programs.

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