Kamis, 08 Januari 2009

Super Speed Super Cache

SuperCache 3 implements patented block-level caching technology to raise system performance beyond that of the NT file-level cache alone. It breaks the disk I/O bottleneck by using the server's system memory to store the most frequently used data, executing read and write requests from memory rather than from disk. SuperCache 3's core component is a storage volume filter driver which resides in the storage stack just above the storage volume class drivers."

SuperCache 3 intelligently stores frequently used disk data in system memory. The memory used to store the data is called a cache. SuperCache 3 intercepts requests for disk data and, when possible, fulfills the request using the cache instead of requesting data from the disk. When data is read from or written to the cache, the performance is similar to a RAM disk – extremely fast.
Unlike our RamDisk or SuperVolume products, some requested data will not always be present in the cache. Although data for all requests come from or go to the cache, some will also involve the disk. Nonetheless, depending upon the size of the cache and the nature of the disk I/O requests, performance accelerations can be significant and often dramatic."


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