Jumat, 03 April 2009

Mozzila Cometbird

CometBird is a good option for people who wants one or more of the following features from their Browser:

  1. Lightning-quick start up

  2. Clean, uncluttered interface

  3. Built-in links for Social networking sites

  4. Ability to easily download media files (audio/ video) from sites such as YouTube

So far, we've had a whale of a time with CometBird - not a single crash and no memory leak issue as well, with the latest version. We have also not faced any security breaches using CometBird. The Plug-in Web of Trust (WOT) works closely and inside CometBird, providing an additional layer of security against threats. WOT works with Mozilla Firefox and Orca as well, though it does not work with the other Mozilla-based Browsers, namely Chrome and SeaMonkey.

The motto at CometBird apparently is, "If you like Firefox, you'll like CometBird more!" We certainly have not seen any signs that make it less admirable in comparison with Firefox. Why, it has every single feature that matters in Firefox - including the ability to re-open closed Tabs and the ability to retrieve entire URLs from your Bookmarks, even when a SINGLE alphabet is pressed in the URL Bar! The race to market share will be difficult, but CometBird has definitely begun on the right note - we wish CometBird the very best!


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