Kamis, 30 Juli 2009


for the cafe owners to immediately move out of deepfreeze because the existing tool to unfreeze deepfreeze ver 6 Standard, so we click on the tool without the need to use a linux live CD .... very easy to use and very powerful.

For how users checklis series and press apply deepfreeze, deepfreeze stay open by pressing CTRL + F6 + Shifft entry pass = kakaroto or directly. it's easy

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4 komentar:

k4kar0to mengatakan...

hihi cuma beda bahasa doang ya ma punyaku nice posting :p


Sathish mengatakan...

Hi thanks for the share. Would u like to exchange link with my blog.


pas mengatakan...

ada pulsa murah, kunjungi www.pas-cell.blogspot.com

pas mengatakan...

ulsa murah ww.pas-cell.blogspot.com

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