Rabu, 12 Agustus 2009

Active@ Partition Manager

Active@ Partition Manager is an application that helps you manage storage devices and the logical drives or partitions that they contain. You may create, delete, format and name partitions on your computer without shutting down the system. Most configuration changes take effect immediately.

Active@ Partition Manager includes the following features:

- Create a partition or logical drive
- Format a logical drive or partition (FAT16, FAT32, NTFS)
- Assign or change partition attributes
- Format a Flash memory as NTFS
- Delete a partition or logical drive
- Create FAT32 partitions greater than 32GB in size (up to 1Tb)
- Mark partition as active.
- Create several partitions on a USB flash memory device
- View the properties of a partition, logical drive or hard drive device

System Requirements:

- Personal Computer
IBM PC/AT compatible CPU
Intel Pentium processor or higher
128 Mb of RAM
Video must be VGA or better resolution (800 x 600)
- Drive Storage System
USB storage device
Hard Disk Drive type IDE, ATA, SATA or SCSI with controllers


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