Rabu, 28 Oktober 2009

NetCut 2.0

NetCut 2.0 (Runs on Windows98 , 2000, XP,Windows NT 4.0 or higher versions) now supports:
High intimate ure ARP protocol kernel.enhenced cut off funcation, that no one can escape from your cut off unless he have netcut installed and with protected funcation enabled.
Easy to use: One click to Protect user Computer Function!!! No one in the network can cut you off with ARP spoof technology anymore .

Effective: one Click to Cut down any computer s network connection to the gateway.
IYFT:Get all IP addresses of the computers in your LAN(Local Area Network) in Secs
High applicability:Work in office LAN,school LAN,or even ISP LAN
Have Fun with play the online computer make them online or off line remotely
Safe: TRACE Free, No one will TRACE out what happen
and last More Stable,swich-hub or hub or cable lan any Lan use Ethernet


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milanelo mengatakan...

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ratna wulandari mengatakan...

ilmu buat diamalkan.
thnax ure share..

subsafan mengatakan...

Owh...Thakss yeah Netcut a...lam kenal boss..

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