Rabu, 11 November 2009

USB Over Network

FabulaTech has resolved this problem in a different extraordinary way. We've created USB over Network which allows to work with remote USB devices over a local network or Internet.
All you have to do is to install USB over Network Server on the PC where USB devices are plugged in. USB over Network Client must be installed on the PCs you want to give access to those very USB devices you've already plugged in. That's all.

FabulaTech Solution Benefits
Benefits of such solution are obvious:
There is no need to move USB devices from one computer to another or occupy others' PCs to work with USB device.
You can save your money considerably. There is no need to buy additional expensive equipment.
USB over Network Client is free software. You can purchase the license of USB over Network Server, install it on PC where USB device is plugged in and any user with USB over Network Client installed will be able to work with that USB device.
Windows XP/Vista Business/NT/2000/2003


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