Rabu, 09 Juni 2010

Firewall Comodo Firewall Pro

Firewall Comodo Firewall Pro – Free firewall with a nice interface and great potential. English version.

Firewall with Comodo Firewall Pro version 3.5 is part of a free comprehensive protection of Comodo Internet Security and can be installed as a separate component.

Comodo Firewall Pro is designed to protect users’ PCs running Windows, according to his ability in almost equal similar products, including private commercial development. The interface is extremely simplified, but at the same time provides all the necessary features and functions.

Main features of Comodo Firewall Pro

• tracking of program components;
• analyzer program behavior;
• protection against trojan protocols;
• intelligent alarm systems;
• Integration in Windows Security Center;
• Protection of critical conclusion;
• protection during startup;
• automatic update;
• interface error reporting;
• a detailed log;
• Monitor connections;
• database programs – more than 13000 programs and their security risks.


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